Group will still block new store proposal

THE problem with the Tesco Deal:

Our group have strongly opposed the building of the huge Tesco store on the Dean Road site since 2009, owing to this site being a residential area, the impact on traffic, and the adverse effect on the lives of the people who live, or have businesses in the area. While the planning committee gave its approval on December 8 last year, it is still far from over.

We are currently waiting on a decision from the Secretary of State to see if the application is called in. Until then no-one can do anything. If it is called in, this will in fact cause further delays while the decision is made and may in fact result in the Tesco application being turned down.

Even if it is not called in Tesco will then have to apply to the Secretary of State for permission to close Trafalgar Street West off, what must be remembered is that neither Scarborough Borough Council nor North Yorkshire Council can give permission to close the road.

Once Tesco apply to close this road then it has to go out to public consultation, and even the council admit this could mean up to September before this is agreed or otherwise. This is why Scarborough Borough Council admitted in their report to cabinet, that there is a risk involved in this deal, and should the Tesco deal fall through then they will in effect be left with two council depots, and will not get the £10 million they are hoping for.

Once the consultation starts then people have the opportunity to send in their objections, our group have already got over 3,000 signed letters of objections waiting to go, and we are still counting.

We will be having two open days for people to come along and sign letters, or for advice on how to write an objection letter, these will be held on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 February 10.30am till 3pm at St Columba’s Church Hall, at the junction of Columbus Ravine and Dean Road.

Malcolm Short

Murchison Street



(Scarborough Town Against Tesco Store)