Gulls debate

I am the owner of some holiday flats and a cottage on West Street.

During the recent 10 day dry, hot, spell nearly all the cars seen in town and around here were spattered with seagull/pigeon excrement (the polite word). It was so bad near my establishment that we put a bucket of water and a sponge on the front steps so guests could go and clean the mess from their car each morning.

Ten or so years ago there was an outcry regarding dogs messing the gardens and streets of the town and finally action was taken. The birds messing the streets and pavements of the town are a similar, if not worse, problem and must be addressed.

My visitors have complained on previous years but this year have grown to such an extent that business could easily be affected in the future. The areas around the Royal Hotel and between the Grand Hotel and the Spa foot bridge seemed to me to be particularly affected, and so many cars splattered too, that some action must be taken to control their numbers.

It’s fine covering the Town Hall in netting but that’s paid for by us ratepayers. Not many private, small, businesses can afford to go to such lengths, so let’s see the Town Hall taking action soon to reduce, or even stop, this outrage before some injury is caused by these dive-bombing defecating pests.

Michael Holliday

West Street