Gulls debate

Why is there any objection to a cull of so-called herring gulls? As the name infers these creatures no longer live up to their name, certainly in Scarborough they do not. All one has to do is take a trip on the top deck of a Coastliner bus and view the thousand or so scavengers on the tip spoil near Knapton. No herrings there me thinks, more likely rotten left overs from Saturday night’s take-away of four weeks back, with a tasty morsel of baby nappy for afters.

If any person would care to take a stroll, like I did on Tuesday July 23, and take account of the fouling of pavements opposite the Town Hall plus the aroma, not pleasant at all. Could this be the reason why the recent for sale notice of our Town Hall was instigated? If I worked alongside this mess I definitely would prefer a move to somewhere near Morrisons.

People have the wrong impression of a ‘cull’ it’s not like a nuclear strike you know it’s a means of controlling a burgeoning population of birds. No longer can herring gulls eggs be taken and sold as in the past, this was viewed as an income for fisherfolk. Now hands are thrown up in the air, and anyone considering even mentioning a cull is immediately frowned upon as an evil non-animal lover, tosh.

We recently did what the RSPB asked homeowners to do, we took a census of garden birds in our area. Surprise surprise, the only two birds we could find were pigeons and yes, you guessed it, herring gulls, far too many to count, sparrows a few, song birds zilch.

Sitting outside in this glorious weather trying to read a paper or listen to a radio was aborted due to the continual yowling and screeching of sea gulls, plus the inevitable shower of bird poo on the awning.

I much prefer these birds to be where they are supposed to be, on a cliff any cliff please, just not on my roof giving it siren calls all night.

Enough I say, have a cull, reduce the population, do it sensibly and keep them away, if able to, from the town centre.

As one that has been attacked and messed on by these repellant creatures my vote goes for a cull.

R Marshall

Elmville Ave