Gulls debate

I feel that the proposed seagull cull in Scarborough is an absolutely ridiculous idea which again proves to demonstrate the assumed but evidently incorrect view of humans that we are a superior species.

Gulls have been a part of the coast for so long that they deserve respect. They are beautiful creatures who demonstrate ingenuity in exploiting humans and also, I have observed, a caring nature towards their offspring.

Humans have invaded their habitat, and as so often in the past, are now of the opinion that we may decide if they are to exist or not. The motive behind this is again financial and self serving. The thought that people may have to clear up mess or lose stock or tourism is no reason to kill fascinating birds.

The counsellors should be more interested in preserving the environment of the coast, rather than focussing on the ludicrous idea that we should exterminate these creatures in order to avoid being dive bombed.

Hey, has any one of them thought how much it would cost to undertake this cull? Do they also think the gull will not recover in five years?

I am not usually one for promoting ecological causes, but I felt that the arrogance displayed by supposedly responsible people, particularly those in overpaid positions, warranted, on this occasion, comment, to say the least.

Matt Havenhand

Pasture Crescent