Happy childhood times

WHEN I sit in my chair I think of the days when as a child with friends I played. No laptop, telly or radio then, just simple games with paper and pen. We played whip and top with chalk patterns on top, skipping rope, bully bowl, hop scotch the lot.

There was hide and seek and touch and go, and fancy paper to make lanterns glow, then for a change we would walk to the woods, to dig deep down with our hands for the roots.

We called the roots nuts and oh what a sight, we ate them all, oh what a delight.

No thought of hygiene in those far off days, no doctors either and no bills to pay, and now it is time to come back from my dreams, to my place of adoption with friends around me.

Yes I am happy and want for no more, just to go round the street and on to the shore.

Mrs Mary Speight

Ramshill Road