Hard times for mum and her mobility scooter

I completely agree with Mrs Wade’s letter about people with mobility scooters. My mum has one and goes every where with it, it’s taxed and insured so it is completely legal because it is a class three 8mph so it has to have tax and insurance. Scooters are allowed on the footpath as long as they go slow and not do 8mph on the footpath which most people do and they can also be done for speeding.

But the main problem we have is people in Morrisons. When we go there people moan and say the scooter should not be allowed in there, which upsets my mum greatly. Has any body thought of asking her if she needs any help in Morrisons? The answer is no. We also have trouble with a lot of car drivers who get right up my mum’s scooter’s back end and make my mum pull off the road or some car drivers get so close to her they nearly hit her. These mobility scooters are allowed on the road, has any body ever thought about the speed of bicycles, they should be taxed, they can go the same speed as a scooter.

So if you see one of the scooters on the road please watch out for them as they are not built like a car. All class three scooters have to be taxed by law. Please keep all nasty comments to yourself or do a good deed and help one person on a scooter.

S Kinge