Hats off to expertise of superb hospital staff

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i had an occasion recently to visit a very poorly mate of mine in Scarborough Hospital.

Having heard a deal of criticism regarding our local hospital, I decided it would be a good opportunity to formulate my own opinion.

Charging people car parking fees to visit ill people seems properly wrong to me.

And I do not agree with the hospital pharmacy being closed over the Christmas period, that too is disgraceful.

Another thing I noticed was the relaxed dress code.

I miss the starched white aprons the nurses of my day wore, with the proverbial watch, pinned on the upper bodice, the little white hat, perched on top of the bobbed hair, and black stockings.

But along with the cleaners, orderlies, receptionists, and other auxiliary staff, the nurses were simply superb.

I take my hat off to the lot of them.

I didn’t have anything to eat whilst I was there but I did get to meet, and shake hands with our very own Yorkshire chef James Martin, who as you know is at present re-vamping the hospital menu.

He was there with the BBC doing a question and answer with some of the patients - nice bloke.

We discussed the possibility of incorporating savoury duck as we locals used to call it, into the menu, but he wouldn’t have it.

I’ll just add this, you may need the hospital staff’s expertise one day, so think on.

TW Ward