Have developers made donations?

IT SEEMS a group of elected councillors at Scarborough Council are pushing through legislation to sell more and more of our land.

There are strong objections by residents living close to the green area which is being sold at Newby and I notice that ‘For Sale’ notices went up a couple of weeks ago for the sale of ‘amenity land’ close to the Seaview area off Filey Road and opposite the A165 Park and Ride roundabout.

This is of course just after the freehold sale of the land which used to be our beautiful Northstead Manor Gardens and Corner Cafe area to the private developer Benchmark.

We all know of the facilities which we have lost to the ‘Sands’ developers without being reminded of them. I would like the answers to a couple of simple questions from those who know them.

I would like to know if any of these developers are giving donations to any political party either local or national. Also it seems strange to me that Tesco have paid out a small fortune to restore the Scarborough Cricket Ground to its former glory. I do hope they are not expecting automatic planning permission for their new Dean Road store after giving one of their highest community donations ever.

Then still to come is probably the sale of the Town Hall buildings in King Street which is situated just above our neglected Futurist Theatre. What a prize that site would be to a developer.

K Kitching

Filey Road