Health fears over site of council depot

RE: NEW council depot possibly at the old gas works on Queen Margaret’s Road.

I am just one of the residents who have complained about the stench coming from this site where they are doing the work.

You cannot open your windows or sit outside, this smell has been obnoxious for two to three weeks.

There is a stream that runs at the bottom of the bungalows and also goes into the duck pond at Valley Road, this is very highly contaminated – we got in touch with Yorkshire Water, who came to investigate. Other residents have been in touch with the council and environmental people. One resident remembers building that place and they had to go very deep.

These people have been digging deeper, at least 100 feet.

One local resident had said this site should have lain fallow for 50 to 60 years because of the toxins. Has the council left enough time before they start on the work? At least 30 years ago the council tried to put the gypsies on land adjacent to where the depot is going to be only to discover cyanide was present.

Mrs Hindle

Weaponness Valley Road