Health: I wouldn’t be here without pain clinic help

I read your article about the pain clinic (Scarborough News, July 10).

I worked all my life, in 1976 I had a bad fall which was the start of my back problem. I was never off sick ever until 2008 my back decided it was time to stop.

I had treatment during that time so my doctors and all the staff at Scarborough Hospital kept me at work for 32 years.

I was sent to the pain clinic in 2011. I met Dr Jones, Dr Garthwaite and Sister Tindall. They have tried for the last three years to help me. I last went to the clinic on May 9, Dr Jones told me what was happening. I am in pain when I sit, I am in pain when I walk, I am in pain 24/7, it never goes away. Just to make it worse I do not sleep well.

The way I have improved with their help over the past 3 years, only I can know. To put this in a nut shell I have paid into the system from when I left school in 1968. I have never been on the dole or the sick until 2008. I have worked for 40 years.

Now, when things are going well for me they close the clinic. I could go on and on for pages. What it comes up to is, if it was not for all these people I would not be here.

I lost over 3 stone at the beginning of 2011, I was under eight stone. I was in so much pain I did not know I was not eating. It is not a nice thing to even think about when you have a loving family.

I would not be here if not for all these people and I could never repay them.

Robert AS Spiers