Hip hop? Trainers over wires is a flop!

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Last week I was walking up Cross Street with my son Henry in his pram when I noticed a pair of trainers dangling from a telephone wire. There is also one near my workplace in Malton.

Why on earth do the council not get a streetlight lift and get them down? They look dreadful. I have no idea why people choose to lob their footwear over telephone wires anyway. Is it in vain hope to receive a better telephone connection or maybe their foot odour is so bad that it causes these people to become Olympian shotputters.

I think the trainer over wire thing started in America as a hip hop cultural symbol. Hip hop in scarborough? More like flip flop and chip shop! Hats off (or should I say shoes off) to ‘em for succeeding to anchor the shoes over the wires though, it would take me countless attempts to pull it off.

Lawrence Clarke

Filey Road