Hit speeding drivers where it hurts - in the pocket

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WHAT a load of old cobblers written by Colin Lomas regarding speeding motorists – Letters April 12. Have you been fined for speeding Mr Lomas or are you seriously missing the point here? You seem to object to someone being given a speeding ticket for being 6mph over the legal limit and appear to admit that you reach this speed several times a day. Can you not control your car, do you not have a middle pedal, the purpose of which is to slow a vehicle down?

With the ever-increasing concern over speed on our roads the police are becoming far less tolerant with motorists who exceed the limit and whereas we are legally entitled to 10% speedometer error and that most police forces will allow 10% plus 2mph, we still have no right to take that chance. Err on the side of caution. I would like to see things tightened up more so that instead of three points per offence which stay on you licence for three years, make it four points which stay there for four years and increase the fine to at least £10 per mph over the limit. Hit them in the pocket where it hurts the most.

Personally I think that the Police are doing a fine job in reducing this offence and if they are making money out of it so what.

It will put more cash in their coffers to do an even better job and maybe even afford more officers which in this day and age where society has gone very much off the rails we desperately need.

Jim Goodman

Howes Road