Home owner should have right to vote

My name is Paul Bullamore. I was born in Scarborough Hospital on August 7, 1948.

I spent my formative years on Highfield estate Newby. I went to Newby County Primary School and Scarborough Boys High School, before going to the University of East Anglia in September 1966. My mother died in August 1988 and my father moved to Gibson’s Court on North Marine Road. We bought a property on Columbus Ravine in 2005 to be on hand, but unfortunately he died in January 2006.

This resulted in the ownership of one second home and one empty property, for which we paid Council Tax at a reduced rate.

This tax year we have been informed that there will be “no dispensations”.

That being the case, I feel that I should have the right to vote in local government elections, to have some say in the use of my payments.

P Bullamore

Columbus Ravine