Hope my ideas will help lead to crowds

Scarborough Spa Orchestra entertains the crowds in the Spa Suncourt.
Scarborough Spa Orchestra entertains the crowds in the Spa Suncourt.

I so agree with the article re the poor PR for the Scarborough Spa Orchestra.

I have sent a serious suggestion to the management of the Spa in Sheffield and hope they will take notice.

As a keen member of the audience of the orchestra, I am writing to offer an idea for promoting mid-week evening attendance.

From my experience, people over 50 STILL consider £5 or £10 “expensive” when they plan their entertainment. Strange but true! Whereas the same age group consider bargain-break coach holidays to be great value and more of these bargain-breaks are being themed to their particular interests.

I would like to see such travel firms such as Just Go, National Holidays, Shearings, etc, who all use both the New Southlands Hotel, The Grand Hotel, and others for mid-week coach holidays, to plan themed breaks that, perhaps instead of sending the coach parties out to Yorkshire attractions, to keep them for some of the days in Scarborough and to have inclusive of their holiday cost, say, a morning and an evening concert. Their coach could either drop them off at the Spa mini-roundabout, or advise them to take the prom bus.

Each coach carries about 57 passengers and I feel this is the age group (50 and above) which remembers Radio 2 and the old Light Programme. Their ears are crying out for the lovely Ivor Novellow/Gerswin show music that they grew up with.

They need holidays with the chance of hearing some of it, as well as visiting Yorkshire attractions, and I feel SIV should make contact with the coach companies to join us and entertain these people because they have no Futurist Theatre here now to give them an evening of glamour.

You will see by the itineray of Just Go that a coach of theirs will be coming over several weeks from June to September. We should give these people a chance to visit the Spa Orchestra and not send them roving around the county, spending their holiday money out of the town.

Would you please look into this idea. As the writer of the article, Julian Howden points out, the PR is not well-placed, or could be placed better.

U Badger

Oliver’s View,

Prince of Wales Terrace, Scarborough