Horse fair: Travellers - what will be done in future?

Re the travellers.

“Police vow zero tolerance horse fair”. This statement must be without thought.

The first wave of travellers arrived at Cayton Low Road, Thornborough Road/Taylor Way, in the second week of May 2014.

Since then Thornborough Road and Taylor Way filled up with these travellers. There is a sign on the gates, “No entry, bailiffs will remove offenders and prosecute”, but I rang the borough council in May, informing them of the situation, their reply was nothing to do with them, it is North Yorkshire Council; reply from them: not up to them it is up to Caddick Construction firm from Leeds.

There are signs in and around Scarborough warning dog walkers they will be prosecuted and for not clearing up after their dogs.

Thornborough Road and Taylor Way and around the lake and conservation area is one large toilet, this human toilet is a time bomb of a health hazard.

Surely all this does not amount to zero tolerance.

I would welcome anyone from the borough council or county council or Caddick Construction to meet me on site to discuss what they are going to do about this situation, as to the prevention of this happening again next year, never mind the cost of the clean-up operation still to come.

T Barker

Spring Gardens