Hospital: Exceptional care by staff

My husband recently had a mini stroke on a Sunday evening while we were staying in Scarborough. I cannot praise highly enough the staff team who dealt with us efficiently and with great kindness.

The senior stroke nurse, Karen, was quite outstanding during assessment and admission to the stroke ward. The doctor we liaised with at York by teleconference was also really helpful, as were the consultants, including Dr Howarth, whom we saw during my husband Adrian’s stay as an in-patient.

All necessary tests were carried out swiftly and follow-up appointments were made promptly. At all times, communication by staff was exceptionally caring.

I know that Scarborough Hospital has had a bit of a mixed press in recent years but the care and responsiveness we were shown was truly excellent.

I do inspections for the Care Quality Commission as an Expert by Experience so I know that it is not always easy to achieve such consistently good standards.

Thank you so much to the Scarborough Hospital team.

Mrs Barbara Norris

West Park Drive