Hospital food: Fight for this decent food!

I have read the report about the food at Scarborough Hospital coming from York.

I was in York in June for eight days and believe me I lost over a stone in weight as the food they served up was just awful and inedible. I was far from home so had no visitors so every time a drinks trolley came round I would ask for a packet of sweet biscuits and save them up to have with my last drink at night, the only meal I did eat was my breakfast and that wasn’t much.

Then at the beginning of September I was rushed into Scarborough Hospital, I was very ill on the chest ward and I must say the staff on the ward were wonderful. The food of James Martin it was so good you really looked forward to your meals, it was tasty and hot and the soup was to die for every day, and getting food like that really helps with your recovery because you are eating good food.

So if it goes over to York god help anyone being ill in Scarborough, you will be ok if you have family to feed you.

Also another thing, has anyone looked at the cost of the waste because I saw very little of that at Scarborough.

If anyone else out there that has been in hospital please put pen to paper and fight for your hospital food!

J Daines

Woodland Place