Hospital parking ignores patients

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RE: HOSPITAL parking.

I have just had my first experience of parking a vehicle in the evening at Scarborough Hospital. What a farce!

Suppose my appointment was for say 6pm (true details are concealed hear), I rolled into the car park at about 5.45pm. After my slow walk to and from a pay point the one-hour parking ticket showed an expiry time of 6.50pm (ie ten minutes paid time already lost). I checked into the clinic before 6pm, but was not seen until about 6.25pm. I at once pointed out the parking time constraint, whereupon the doctor said words to the effect that “if we run over time and you get a ticket, leave it to me.”

In the event I was able to reach my car just before the expiry time, but why should a patient be subjected to this lottery and why should a physician need to intervene with special pleading? Goodness knows that complicated to-ing and fro-ing would be needed to achieve this result. Or should patients pre-pay for two hours instead of one, on the off chance of being caught out?

How do we calculate those odds? Imagine if the doctor had called me in at 6.45pm, it would have been impossible to race back to the car park to clock up another hour - and then forgo my position in the appoints queue. How ridiculous and how insulting to patient and doctor!

There is another problem: during the busiest time of the day, anyone obliged to park near the entrance of the car park must have to allow an extra five minutes walking time both before and after an appointment (even more if your trouble is a gammy leg). That factor is not allowed for in the parking time one pays for.

In short, the parking regime in its present form ignores the basic needs of patients and hospital staff. It is badly conceived and not fit for purpose. I have already used the word ‘farce’, but now that less polite term ‘daft’ springs to mind.

I suggest that the design of a viable scheme would make a competitive project for teams of 6th form students.

Ronald Southerton

Filey Road