Hospital parking: situation is a complete shambles

RE: HOSPITAL parking.

I was recently leaving the hospital after an appointment when I was stopped by a lady with a clipboard. She asked if I had time to answer a few questions about hospital parking to which I replied “Definitely”.

Everyone is aware that there is insufficient parking spaces within the hospital grounds and that the situation is a complete shambles.

One way in which the hospital could help themselves is to remove the raised flower beds which are uncared for and totally unnecessary.

Secondly, the rough area at the top of the car park should be re-surfaced and opened up properly plus any other ground beyond the area.

I know that money is scarce and times are hard but hoping that the hospital is still there in years to come, the only long term solution that I can see is for a first level of a multi-storey car park to be built over the existing car park with the option of building further levels as and when required.

The lady with the clipboard was amazed by the idea and agreed that this could be the long term solution and was surprised that the idea had not been put forward before.

As regards charges, they are excessive. Like everyone else has said, the present system is worrying and totally unfair.

The only fair way for it to be done is to pay on exit as in most car parks. To protect ticket machines at entry and exit short tunnels could be erected and payment machines would have to be provided at all major exits in the hospital.

I would also like to point out to the hospital authorities that the cost of parking for two hours is usually less than parking for one hour, not more. Don’t be greedy.

D Egglestone

Leighton Close