Hospital: Praise from a bionic woman!

Having just returned home from a week’s stay in our much maligned hospital, I feel that I must write to tell you and your readers about what I feel is an invaluable asset to the town. Whilst I appreciate that there will inevitably be delays in treatment and hiccups along the way, where else would there not be at such a busy time of year?

I was unfortunate enough to experience a rather bad fall on New Year’s Day which resulted in an ambulance having to be called. On admittance to the hospital I was treated with patience and the utmost care and although it became one of the longest days of my life, I was eventually X-rayed and wheeled to Holly Ward. I cannot stress how incredibly hard the staff work on this ward, from the lovely smiley ladies who keep everywhere spotless and serve endless cups of tea and coffee, to the gifted doctors and nurses who work tirelessly to make sure that people are comfortable, comforted and put back in order! I would particularly like to mention the nurses who are literally angels sent from above. Their skills and expertise are not nearly documented enough in the newspapers as they go about their very long shifts with unending smiles on their faces whilst often working with patients of many and varying moods and expectations. I lost count of how many times each and every one of them thanked patients when quite clearly it should have been the other way round.

Whilst this was not how I would have wished to spend my first week of 2014 I could not have wished to have been more well cared for in any other establishment (apart from being at home of course!).

I hope that you will publish this letter so that others will be able to feel more confident if admitted to Scarborough Hospital at any time in the future.

Oh, and by the way, the food is wonderful and my new hip has made me feel positively bionic!

Mrs Chris Brompton

Bridlington Street