Hospital: Thanks to team I can walk and stand tall

Re the team at Scarborough Hospital who teach us to walk again.

This team and each person in the team deserve medals.

I have nothing but praise for them all. Each and everyone are devoted to all the patients.

They literally saved my life on two occasions, and then a wonderful team of anaesthetist surgeons did my operation on my hip, I was then taken under the wings of nurses and physio people, who all seemed very tough with me, but I realise now it was being “cruel to be kind”.

A great big thank you to them for they have got me walking, and in the last few days they have given me back my confidence in myself, which I had lost.

I now have my life back. The first time I really stood up it felt wonderful. I felt like a person again who had been lost.

I hope that donations can be sent to this team, and anyone wishing to learn to walk again please think of letting them do their work, you will not regret it.

Three weeks ago I could not stand but now today I can walk and stand tall.

God bless them all. Good luck to them in the future.

A Abbey

Falsgrave Road