Hospital: The jewel in our democracy

Re Front page article ‘How Could This happen?’ (Scarborough News, Thursday January 8).

I went for an appointment this week at Scarborough Hospital and I can only say that I was 100 per cent satisfied with all aspects of my visit as an out-patient and the staff were excellent from across all departments.

In contrast to the recent publicity which would alarm any member of the public with health problems, this deflects from all the great work that is done at the hospital, even under enormous pressure.

Obviously at this time of the year there is an increase in patient admissions and this leads to an inevitable strain on both the staff and facilities.

In a wider context, with consideration to the forthcoming election, the long-suffering NHS has again become a convenient vehicle for political expediency.

It remains the greatest jewel in our democracy without which we would return to the undignified state of a market-led health system where money is more important than people.

Charles White

Scalby Road