Hotel turbine eyesore

RE Wind turbines.

Wind turbines on the roof of the Crown Spa Hotel, this Grade II listed prominent building, surely not. The roof line of which is a dominant feature of the South Bay observed on the skyline around the town.

The submitted photograph with the superimposed turbines is misleading. The turbines will be 13ft high, not the dinky ones depicted. Are we also to believe that these 16 turbines will create “minimum noise”?

The photograph clearly shows the detrimental effect the solar panels have on this wonderful building, solar panels which did not adhere to the plans that were approved by the Scarborough Planning Department having been turned through 90 degrees.

The planning department admits, with hindsight, that the visual impact of these panels is greater than anticipated. What is to say that the wind turbines will materialise as in the planning application, that the applicant will change the plans to suit themselves. The solar panel debacle went uncontested.

Helping the environment and the carbon issues is a commendable concept but there are correct places for such structures and a conservation area where residents are not even allowed to fit UVPC window units to front elevations of their properties is not one of them.

If this plan comes to fruition could we see other hotels and properties on the Esplanade, indeed anywhere in the town, the Grand Hotel, the Palm Court or the Town Hall for example, adorning their roofs with wind turbines.

Let us consider the town of Scarborough and protect our heritage.

J Roberts

Holbeck Hill