How can we call these hooligans ‘deprived’?

Well, all the apologists, appeasers, or should we just say ‘do gooders’ are blaming the government cuts (which haven’t really bitten yet), youth unemployment, socially and economically deprived areas and so on.

These louts/criminals/scum of the earth have been told so often that “it isn’t their fault” that they feel they can do anything and get away with it - and of course they usually do - the ‘punishment’ is laughable and of course the hooligans etc actually do laugh at it.

As to the poor darlings being deprived - economically and socially I think a very simple test could be applied - the 3,000 plus who have been arrested, I will willingly wager that at least 90 per cent of them own mobile phones costing between £50 and £250, are dressed in Nike and so on.

I am 72-years-old, worked all my life and cannot afford these items that these ‘deprived’ people have.

Mike Maxwell

New Parks Crescent