Huge thanks to kind man

ON the morning of October 17 my mum, Sylvia Cooper (aged 77) tripped over a paving slab outside the Tile Centre in Westborough, resulting in a bleeding black eye, sore hands and knees and she was very shook up.

An extremely kind gentleman stopped his car (I believe several people did), picked mum up and brought her to my office a few yards away. In my panic and worry for my mum I only gave him a short thank you and never had chance to take the gentleman’s name. I would like to take this chance to give my gratitude and say a huge thank you for his help and going out of his way to bring mum to me.

My mum and I are ever so grateful to him and everyone else who stopped, there are angels in this town.

If the gentleman in question should read this, mum and I would love for him to get in touch so that we can thank him properly.

(Please contact the Evening News for full contact details).

Sara Cheshire

Newlands Park Avenue