I buy sausage rolls and pastries for seagull pal

I WAS really happy to read Judy Cannon’s letter in defence of seagulls. People who talk about culling them should go and live in some smokey inland city, not here by the seaside, for this is where the seagulls belong, and those who complain about them don’t deserve to live in Scarborough.

Some years ago I was given a little book called Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, such a lovely story. Do buy it Judy. It’s only a cheap little paperback book, but I’m sure you would love it as much as I do.

Every morning my very own Jonathan Livingstone comes to visit me. Such a huge noble-looking bird, with pristine white feathers and pink webbed feet. He sits on my lawn and waits patiently for his breakfast.

I shop at Morrisons every week, and when my family take me I always buy him four very large sausage rolls, and two pastry corners filled with meat and chicken and gravy. My next stop is at the deli counter for a big bag of off-cuts of meat that people buy for their dogs. My daughter tells me off because I spend so much on him, but I’m 80 and severely handicapped now. So I’m too old to cope with a pet anything bigger than my cat, and Jonathan has become a “special friend” and I’d feel lost without him. Even my cat seems to like him. I’d rather he thought silly, than cruel, like the “would-be culler!”

Barbara J Hodgkins

Eskitt Hill