I care about the future of our planet

In Mr Orford’s letter on October 25 he accuses me of being ‘cold, hard and uncaring’. I would like him to know it is exactly because I care that I want to save this planet for future generations.

He, along with many bankers, want to consume everything we have right now! My granny would be happy to huddle round an electric fire in order to give the next generation a better chance and I am surprised Mr Orford is not prepared to do the same!

As our planet runs out of fuel and food to keep him comfortable in his retirement he may find that the wild growth he wants to see in our economy has destroyed everything he holds so dear.

I am sure if Mr Orford had been watching his television set last week, then he would have seen that the population has passed seven billion. A little bit of growth for everyone will lead to catastrophe.

He is also wrong to assume that I was advocating unemployment because a sustainable economy and society could actually mean more jobs as we will grow our own food locally and make our own goods locally, whereas now, we are spending most of our money on imported goods and services.

I really think he has missed the point.

Mark Vesey

Royal Avenue