I didn’t imply that I would support a cull of ‘seagulls’

I would like, if I may, to answer A Rosbottom’s comments in the Evening News.

He obviously didn’t read, or understand, my letter, as nowhere did I say that I didn’t like “seagulls”, nor did I imply that I supported their being culled. I did, in fact state, that I wouldn’t comment on the matter of the gulls. Neither did I suggest that they had suddenly become “criminals”.

I merely think that IF a cull was undertaken, then it should also include feral pigeons. These pests have, despite Mr Rosbottom’s implication to the contrary, been infesting towns all over the country, including ours, for decades - long before the Peregrines were nesting here!! The drivel about the ringed birds being too scared to go back to their lofts because of the falcons would be quite laughable were it not so pathetic!! I certainly won’t lower myself to comment on that gem!!

I do agree with him on one thing though, that all raptors kill, it’s called, amongst other things, the Law of Nature or the food chain. What about the lions on the Serengeti, or the tigers in India, and yes, gulls, too, aren’t averse to killing for food??!! Does Mr Rosbottom look more kindly on these predators? He certainly has a serious problem with birds of prey??!!

I would also point out to him that there is no such bird as a “seagull”. There are many species of gull, Herring Gull, Kittiwake and Black-Headed Gull to name but three. I would advise him to buy himself a good ornithological reference book (bird book), read it thoroughly, and then and only then, he may be more able to separate fact from fiction!!!

Trisha Scott

West Park Terrace