I’ll miss my grandma

MY GRANDMA, Annie Alonze, was my last living grandparent. It is difficult being away from you all, now that I am in Australia; as such I have not seen grandma for three years. This is not to say that I have not thought of her often.

When we came to visit, she taught my son, Tao, to click his tongue when he was six months old, something he still does to this day.

I like to remember when my brother Roland and I were just little, staying over at grandma and grandad’s. She would make me hot milk before bed. Also eating macaroni that she had prepared. I especially remember grandma plying me with copious amounts of white toast and jam. This occurred every Sunday after church.

Where I put all that food I have no idea.

Grandma will be deeply missed by a great deal of people, one of whom is me.

Have a safe journey to the other side, there will be many people to meet and greet you.

Love you.

Kjell Sylvestre