I’m amazed at all the fuss

RE: THE Irton tree.

I have been listening with increasing amazement at the shindig relating to the ancient tree of Irton.

How anyone can get so hot under the collar over a tree is baffling. But what really has me wondering and smiling is that there is to be a religious ceremony or something similar to the memory of the tree.

If this is so while they are praying for that tree, could the villagers spare a prayer and consider the millions who are starving in Africa, the millions being crushed under religious and political intolerance and maybe the families of the four Welsh miners, they then might realise how foolish their antics are.

Is there something in the water at Irton, for in a few weeks’ time after the tree has been cut down, the villagers will wonder why there was such fuss about such a piffling matter.

Come on Irton, get a life!

Tony Eaton

Turker Lane