I remember car park

IN AUGUST of 1942, my family moved into 14 Aberdeen Terrace, I remember the building of the car park quite well.

The area of what is now the car park used to be the Scarborough and Whitby Brewery, the home of Target Ales, The Bull Hotel and a monastery of some description.

Two houses, one of which was the home of a family by the name of Nightingale. Horly Lodge, the home of the Coats family in North Place was the carpenters shop for the brewery and various offices for the same. Avery Scales, the RAOB Society Rooms, the Mineral Brewery.

Guess what Bovis built, the car park, shops and offices and a night club, which was called Bet-Noire, the main shopping area was taken up as an alternative Tesco and their store where Argos now is was closed down.

P Marsay

Pindar Road