If you don’t like the gulls, don’t live by seaside

RE; Trisha Scott regarding the plight of our song birds and if she does not like seagulls she can always move away from the sea.

Gulls have not suddenly become criminals, they have always taken the opportunity to snatch an ice cream or a chip or two and on occasions been encouraged to do so.

However, it has recently been published that school children cannot eat their lunch outside because of the attention of the ever-increasing numbers of introduced kites, and a man has been attacked by a buzzard and not for food.

The racing pigeon saved many lives during the war and China still trains thousands of pigeons in case of a total breakdown in communications.

I don’t know of one raptor that has done anything other than kill.

The racing pigeons among the ferals will no doubt have been frightened to death by a falcon during returning to their loft and in most cases will return home when recovering from the shock.

A Rosbottom

Hatterboard Drive