Imposition of village homes

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We are all very aware that housing is a major factor in all our lives and that development will always be necessary. I do feel however that our planners are not listening to the voices of the people they are employed to represent.

I worked in local industry over the past 40 years and in that time the only young people who ever expressed a desire to live in a rural area were young men and women who were from a rural area. By far the greater majority wished to be ‘in town’ where ‘it all happens’. Most people grow into the desire to live in the country in later life as my wife and I did.

This is why, when the planners wish to impose large housing developments on our rural settings we object in droves as some 700 objectors did in Cayton four years ago with the ongoing proposed development, which is at present awaiting appeal.

In the last six or seven years planners have proposed developments in Seamer, Burniston, Scalby, Cayton and no doubt more villages. In Cayton we formed Cayton Residents Action Group and have been fighting for four years now against large scale development on what we know to be, shall we say, a suspect site.

Other villages I am sure have fought hard to convince the planners that we chose village life and do not wish to be the part of any growing metropolis.

I am sure that all the people who live in both town and country accept the necessity for development. But development must be applied where and when needed by the communities served, to impose development, as in Cayton’s case, of 3,000 new houses to a village of 1,100 dwellings is so obviously not what the village needs can only cause objection if not dismay and anger, as indeed it has.

How and where Scarborough Borough Council see the need to expand the town should be in the hands of Scarborough Borough Council but surely consultation for any rural area must be with local parish councils they must be the authority to decide how much development and when development is needed for each village. I am sure our village Cayton will need to grow, as will all other villages within the Scarborough Borough Council area, but at our rate and within our needs.

Please do not take away the right of people to choose the environment in which we live.

Please do not impose an increase in development which will reduce our villages to suburbs and our chosen way of life will be gone forever.

KE Woonton

Green Croft Gardens