Independent members are free to vote as they choose

I MUST refute the arrant nonsense in Cllr Cluers Letter, (Evening News May 10) in which she attacks the Independent Group on Scarborough Council and myself in particular.

For the record, no member of the Independent group was “thrown out” (her words) for voting how they consider best for their residents and I, as leader, have never asked any member of the group to vote for or against any issue as members will confirm.

The Independent group has no whip and all members are free to vote as they consider best, as past records will show.

But I’m sure residents are not interested in this ridiculous point scoring as seen in Cllr Cluers letter. There are so many important issues affecting the wellbeing of the borough without wasting time attacking other groups.

We as Independent councillors are very concerned with the direction this present regime is taking our borough.

From the proposed sale of our historic Town Hall to the plans to close Manor Road Nurseries are issues we will challenge.

When many of our residents are struggling financially most Independents opposed the purchase of iPads for councillors and are concerned by the prospect of mutilating our Spa frontage with rock armour (both issues incidentally Cllr Cluer supported).

Independent councillors are elected to be the residents voice on the council, and vote accordingly without interference from any quarter.

Cllr Peter Popple

Leader Independent Group

Northstead Ward