Inspired to get knitting

WHILE looking for a project to while away the winter evenings, I came across a site on the internet, called

It is run by a family in Australia who have relatives in South Africa, who are appalled by the plight of orphaned children, many with AIDS, who live either on the streets, or, if they are lucky, in orphanages.

The family decided to ask everybody they knew to knit or crochet a square to be sewn in to blankets for these children.

They ask for a simple garter stitch square, eight inches by eight inches (20cm x 20cm) with a meter length of yarn left after casting off for the squares to be sewn together.

Using up remnants of wool, I have knitted over 50 squares.

It occurred to me that I wished I had had such simple knitting to take with me to alleviate the boredom during my many hospital stays, and that this would also be a wonderful project for schools, day care centres, nursing homes etc.

Please take a look at the Knit-a-Square site.

Belinda Robson

Red Scar Lane