Insulting writers are unintelligent

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we have been reading the contributors’ comments.

Being pensioners we weren’t sure if it was our scene. More for the youngsters. Nevertheless we joined in with spirit to enjoy reading the remarks, to be fair most of the readers’ comments are extremely good and some very funny and some of the names the readers call themselves were hilarious but they are not to be taken seriously!

However, it has been an eye opener, some unintelligent individuals, and boring characters who hide behind a pretend name who think their rhetoric their understanding of the English language is superior than any of the other subscribers. They reply to a subject the reply had no relevance to what has been stated, no bearing at all.

Perhaps it is hard for them to digest, comprehend what had been written. Education is a great thing!

Let’s hope they won’t be putting pen to actual paper, we wont be reading their insulting ridiculous childish remarks!

Ann and Mike Minchella