Insurance fear on homes plan site

RE THE plan to build on land south of West Garth and west of Station Road in Cayton.

The Daily Mail recently reported that “Insurers are threatening to stop providing cover to homes in areas prone to flood.”

We of the Cayton Residents Action Group, feel, we must again question the insistence of Scarborough Borough Planning to continue with the proposed building of 170 homes on this site. This site does flood, and if the planners were to come and look, they will see the site is in flood now. This situation arises each year and is usually flooded for three months.

We understand that, due to this flooding situation planning permission on this land has been refused for some 40 years. Surely with such a change in the attitude of insurers toward flooding the attitude of the planners must be to protect residents from these dangers. This is a very questionable site, the residents know it, the planners know it. This is not NIMBY-ism; this is genuine concern for what could end in misery for 170 families.

The planners must look again at this site and all its problems, this is one monumental mistake which has been avoided in the past and still does not need to be made.

KE Woonton


Cayton Residents Action Group

Green Croft Gardens