Irton’s historic rose garden should not be forgotten

RE: IRTON’S Tree Trail publish October 15

I would like to thank Mr Mick Haigh for his kind comments re my recent ‘Tree Trail’. Also for his mention of the possible planting of a small wood on the afore-mentioned route.

Sadly, he drew my attention to the fact that since my article was published, the ‘Old Rose Garden’ sign has been taken down.

My footnote, referred to the historic old ‘Rosary Garden’, beyond the stone walling at No 23 Main Street, Irton, near the site of the felled beech tree.

One would sincerely hope that our local historians ensure that Lady Edith’s rose garden is not forgotten. It was left “In the custody of the good-natured Irton folk”. We would be most interested to hear from readers with further information.

Maureen Robinson

Malvern Crescent