It’s time to end horse fair

RE: IT’S time to end horse fair

It is perfectly true that the Seamer Horse Fair, and the charter that attempts to support it, is complete nonsense.

Indeed, when you have had to live with this event for many days on end as I and my neighbours did it becomes far more than just a nonsense.

Having seen first hand the fear and despair that this event can have on a community I can say, with some degree of certainty, that for some it was little short of terrifying.

It is my view that no community should be subjected to this annual invasion which causes such disruption and upset. However, unfortunately there is little that can be done now to stop the horse fair, the door to this particular stable was left open and the horse has now well and truly bolted and has established itself on a new site. The only consolation, and it’s not much of one, is that the new site is at least some distance away from most peoples houses.

So what of the future? It is no secret that in May I intend to stand as an Independent Councillor for the Seamer, Irton and Crossgates Ward.

If I am successful the horse fair will be one of my most urgent concerns. I believe we should oppose any increase in the size of the event. The time allotted to the travellers should be no longer than two weeks; shorter if possible.

They should be required to pay us a fair rent for the site and leave it as they found it.

Moreover, while I hate the thought of more ratepayer’s money being spent on defences to repel them, I shall support the installation of protective measures, such as those on Centurion Way, for any threatened community.

Roxanne Murphy

Prospective Independent Candidate