Jaconelli: Police are sorry for what?

Re Peter Jaconelli.

You reported in your edition of December 18 2014 that the North Yorkshire Police had said “Sorry” to the victims of Jaconelli’s crimes.

Sorry for what? For the covering up of his crimes or for doing nothing? They admit that they knew what had been going on for over 40 years. I do not think that just saying “Sorry” is good enough.

The North Yorkshire Police or certain officers who were in at the relevant time have committed a crime under the Failing to Take action on a matter of Public Order Act and they should be prosecuted, and, in view of the seriousness of the offences committed by Jaconelli, if found guilty should be sent to prison for long periods of time.

The admission now made by North Yorkshire Police makes nonsense of any statements that no-one knew anything about it, in my view.

In the late Sixties or early Seventies I received a complaint from a gentleman whom I knew, that Jaconelli was running a martial arts youth club for boys in some church hall, and that his son had been there. What he described was being indecently assaulted.

I asked him if he had reported it to the police and he said yes, but he had heard nothing more from them since.

After that I received more similar complaints and that the police were doing nothing to stop what was going on.

I thought it was time I did something. First I phoned CID and spoke to a Detective Sgt Taylor that I remember, because it’s also my own name. He did not seem interested. After that I wrote a letter to the superintendent at Scarborough, but received no reply and the youth club continued to operate.

I do not remember who the superintendant was at the time. I think it would have been before Mr Noble.

The Jaconelli family have my sympathy. I think they are a decent family and can’t be held responsible for Peter’s wrongdoings.

Michael Taylor

Moor Lane