Jaconelli: Shocked at letters

I am writing in reply to the letters printed on Jaconelli. I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

Firstly, I couldn’t believe that you would print those letters without printing some from the opposite viewpoint - do you have any idea how those letters will have made survivors of abuse feel?

I was particularly shocked by the letter from TW Ward. In his own words he described the actions of a child abuser!

He was lucky he could say no, many others weren’t able to. The fact he was approached in the first place and then offered money to keep him quiet incriminates Jaconelli, who knew what he was doing was wrong!

I work with those who have been affected by childhood sexual abuse and it’s exactly the attitude of people like TW Ward that makes it so difficult for them to come forward and speak up.

I challenge him to come and meet someone still affected by what happened to them as children and see if he could still be so dismissive.

He says people are being bigoted towards Jaconelli - how so? If he is suggesting that Jaconelli was homosexual then he is doing homosexuals an injustice!

Few people nowadays would object to Mr Jaconelli having had consensual sex with another male but homosexuality has nothing to do with having a sexual interest in children, they are completely different things. He shows his own ignorance and has only further condemned Jaconelli in my eyes by sharing his own ‘harmless little story’!

Kathryn Mackinder

Outreach Co-ordinator/counsellor

HOPE Scarborough