Keep town’s appearance when saving sea wall

I AGREE entirely with the wise letter written by Freddie Drabble of the Sons of Neptune.

May I respectfully suggest that those in power to make decisions about the strengthening of the sea walls around the Spa do not throw unsightly concrete at the problem.

Remember, if you have the responsibility of making the decisions you must always be prepared to accept accountability for the same in the future.

You are not just making decisions (financially based) for the present, you are also charged with acting with wisdom as custodians from past authorities and for those who will judge you in the future.

I read in the Evening News of the many hundreds of jobs to be available if and when the Dogger Bank Wind Farm becomes a reality.

Many people from outside the Scarborough area will come to live and work here.

This renaissance should be driven by a welcoming town, in a beautiful setting, vibrant with the best from the past, preserved for the present and enriched, for the future with the best of today’s developments as shown in the award-winning Sands Apartments crowning the North Bay.

Margaret Benson

Campion Close