Keep what we have

RE: Sands development.

Why should the developers be allowed to even contemplate putting plans in for the next part of the development when it is obvious they do not have the funds to do so or even pay the debt they already have with Scarborough Borough Council. Will they be asking the council for another loan to start the next phase?

To Roland Duce, the new develper: why do we need all the proposed holiday homes, lodges and a hotel?

There are already a vast number of hotels, B&Bs and guest houses in the area who would have no problem in providing bed spaces for any new attractions on these sites.

Scarborough already has more than enough accommodation providers and many large hotels are already operating way below their capacity this is why many of them are facing bankruptcy (English Rose chain) as reported last week. This new proposal would lead to many more going out of business. Let’s protect what we have and support the existing hotels and guest houses.

The council should put the site out for tender and only consider contractors who have the money and resources to supply what they propose and avoid further delays in the waterpark project that has been promised to the people of Scarborough for years.

Christine Price

Columbus Ravine