Keeping us sober

RE: MP backs plan for private company’s to build new roads: So our Tory MP backs his governments plan to have private companies build and run new roads.

Unfortunately not all of us will be able to afford to use these toll roads or Lexus lanes. Does Mr Goodwill not realise that most people are not as well off as he is.

I work six days a week and still don’t earn anything like the national average wage. So I along with a large part of the population will not be able to use these roads. Or is this the master plan to keep the low paid workers off these roads so we don’t hold him up when he travels up and down the country using our taxes to pay for his car and fuel. And now he says he thinks a minimum price for alcohol is good, maybe it’s the Tory party’s way of keeping poor people sober.

Rob England

Northwold Road