Kick in teeth for league bid

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RE: New sports stadium.

Regarding the new sports stadium that’s projected for Scarborough. Its planned 2,000 capacity for spectators says it all. This will not be a credible ground for a football club with aspirations of eventual league status or even the higher echelons of non-league football. Let’s be honest, this will not primarily be a football ground at all but just a local sports facility about one or two steps up from a bare sports field with goalposts.

Many people believe the old club could have been saved or salvaged and the old stadium put back into action, but this really wasn’t an option. The old stadium, despite improvements in the 1990s, had had its day. What was really needed was a new stadium then. The 1990s (and later) saw many new stadiums being built and all but Darlington had improved success (sometimes spectacular) and higher gates.

I know the old Scarborough club had among the lowest gates of all time for league games, but a new ground with improved facilities and a car park would certainly have attracted more spectators.

Scarborough does have a sound sporting base and following, its County Cricket fixtures being among the best attended if not the best attended, and it also has one of the country’s premier motorcycle racing circuits, holding major events every year with success.

The sale of the old stadium and having it replaced by a new one on the outskirts of town would have been a financial coup for the club and almost certainly guaranteed its survival. As it is, someone will end up making money from the ground sale and development and it wasn’t Scarborough FC.

A stadium with a 2,000 capacity on the other hand almost certainly guarantees Scarborough never having a league status club again.

John Collier

Lisvane Avenue