Last moments missed due to car park

RE: PARKING at Scarborough Hospital.

I have been meaning to write to the Evening News for some time now on this subject, as the situation is absolutely appalling regarding parking at the general hospital, but the state of things has now become worse than ever.

For a number of years the parking facilities have been woefully inadequate, on almost every occasion I have had to visit there have been dozens of cars parked on the grassed areas and on the pathways.

Sometimes I have had to leave the hospital area and park in streets some distance away, as the main road outside the hospital is also full of parked cars who couldn’t find room in the car park. As if the situation could not get any worse I had need to visit the hospital this week on one of the first of the days when attendants were used.

The first thing that became apparent was that the access roads to the car park have more craters than the average asteroid, then I went from ticket machine to ticket machine only to find every one was out of order, and now we have the incredible situation where heart surgeons are being given parking tickets.

I am amazed that so little has been done to ease this congestion, a small car park has been added at the rear of the hospital but few know of its existence and it’s several hundred yards from the main entrance to the building. Even when I have tried to use this it has been full.

I have spoken to people who have even missed their loved ones’ last moments because of this appalling state of affairs. Surely everyone reading this must know that what I have stated is accurate and that this is the case and that the car parking situation at the hospital is a joke

John Collier

Lisvane Avenue