Leave the parks department as it is

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When the parks department was receiving awards for its displays at various horticultural shows in the past, who was in the front row praising the department but Cllr Jeffels. I hope he has demonstrated the same zeal in council defending the department with regard to the proposed Manor Road Nurseries move/closure.

Any gardener knows how much money can be saved after the growing season, splitting plants and taking cuttings, yet the council proposes to buy in plants and what’s more have suggested that members of the public volunteer to do the planting. Perhaps the councillors could lead by example, that’s 50 volunteers for starters. Please leave the parks department alone.

With regard to the proposed development of the Futurist site, I’ve written several letters defending the continued use of the theatre. Do the council not realise what a success we’d have on our hands with the correct support? As for creating a new access to the beach through the site, the traders in Newborough must be delighted at the thought of a great part of their passing trade being syphoned off, sorry, reduction in footfall, though for the life off me I’ve never understood the word.

I hope the site is left alone.

Mike Wilson

Garfield Road