Letter: Bottom Enders - Group can now accommodate more members

In response to the letter of September 17 by G Alonzi regarding the Facebook group Scarborough Bottom Enders headed “Social media trolls fond of criticism”. I feel Mr Alonzi’s attempt to “put the record straight” was unfair.

I am the administrator for the Bottom Enders group and have known Giulian all my life. I was disappointed to read that he seems to think he has been “excluded from the Bottom Enders group” and that his application to gate off The Bolts was the reason for his rejection.

He also implies that any opposition against his application was from this group alone which is untrue. The group objected along with many non-member locals, non Scarborians, the Scarborough Civic Society, and other local businessmen and women. We all have just as much right to oppose the application as anyone else does to support it.

What he failed to observe is that he applied to become a member of the Bottom Enders group over three years ago when in accordance with Facebook settings we could only have 250 members. Recently the group has gained popularity and so the settings have been changed to accommodate more members. Had he made enquires about this he could have re-applied and he would have been accepted.

Also, his quip about himself and his sister being born above the Harbour Bar should be a “good enough qualification” to join is irrelevant as the group is made up of 1,500 plus members from all over the world but again, nobody bothered to ask about that!

I spoke to him on the phone and explained all this to him. Following our conversation I advised him to put his name forward and said he would be welcome to join, which he thanked me for and said he would do.

Some of his staff and friends are members. I have also contacted his wife who is a member and asked her to put his name forward so I can add him to the group.

Mary Nightingale

Endcliff Crescent