Letter: Council to be challenged on zone charges

Years ago when Scarborough Borough Council decided to ringfence the town with parking zones, times and charges I wrote many letters to this newspaper on the subject. I got many people who live in the town replying to my opinion, and some were quite rude, saying parking at the side of the road was their right to do so because now they were paying for it. I believe it was £12 back then per vehicle, and the zones could be up to three streets with the same zone numbers to allow town residents to park their vehicles.

Many missed my point altogether, I was just pointing out the fact they were already paying, as we all do who own a vehicle, through road tax the tax that gives you the right to be on the Queen’s highway.

I also pointed out the fact at the time that when motorists come into the town there are no signs saying you must display a so-called disc on the dashboard of your vehicle displaying the time of arrival when parking on street, and no information on where to get one to comply with zone parking. This is still the case today 12 years on.

I am so glad at last this has been challenged with claims that all the zones set up and on street parking charges were wrong, not only that the signage was wrong as well. One of the main comments made was there was no consultation over the council’s plan to carry out this cash cow money-making scheme, and just like the Lendal Bridge fiasco in the city of York the councils think they are right every time.

All that said, what happens now? How much more money will be spent on battening down the hatches, reworking street by street the signage, reimbursing those who were fined wrongly and saying sorry, yes sorry, what a mess.

In the end the battle may have been won on behalf of the motorists but it does not end there.

The Scarborough Borough Council’s battleship is once again on the hunt for more cash, as if the motorists don’t pay enough. They now want to charge throughout the borough for winter parking, not happy about the millions they rake in during the summer months.

Scrooge comes to mind, and ghost buses fly around the town in winter with little or no-one on board from the park and ride sties.

J Large

Shire Croft