Letter: Crime - What has happened to our justice system?

Re the “hard man” rapist (Scarborough News, October 8): This man presenting himself as a hard man, which is only because he is where he is (he belongs behind bars and safe from the public).

Would he be so hard with guts of steel if he was in a confined room with three or four females of his size. I don’t think so.

Is this where British justice has arrived to?

A man of this character behind bars has access to internet, Facebook and boasts about being on holiday at the tax-payers’ expense after what he has done.

I, like other members of the British public, were brought up to understand that jail meant you were put away and deprived of your liberties, not sent to a glorified holiday camp for crimes that a villain has carried out randomly.

When will the justice system be carried out in the correct manner.

T Baker

Spring Gardens